Wonder what kind of results to expect if we decide to work together on your social media presence?
See the examples below.

This shows a realistic and real time view of how quickly you can build a following with a high level of engagement.

January 9, 2017- created @iamdearsparrow instagram account with 0 followers
posted one photo and let the account sit inactive for a month- gained 14 followers organically

February 17, 2017- began actively working the account by posting and engaging

As of April 27, 2017- account at just over 1,000 followers • most posts at between 200 and 300 likes 

As of June 11, 2017- account at 2,097 followers • many posts at between 300 to 500 likes • posts average 10 comments to 15 comments

As of August 2017- moved on from actively growing @iamdearsparrow account to doing basic maintenance in order to create another case study account with a new subject matter. Check back soon for a summary and details of the new account case study in progress.

Click the image below to see the current status of @iamdearsparrow


This is a simple before and after is the best way to show what’s possible…
It’s all about engagement and turning followers into loyal clients.

Services provided to Big Daddy’s included digital strategy, web design, graphic design, photography, styling, creative direction and social media marketing.